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When I was a kid,

I was desperately searching for my dream ticket.


I knew the train could take off from skyscrapers.


We should meet there I'd say that's our destiny.

Rising neo Tokyo in a dazzling light.


Then I found the place,

But it's too cool to take. I don't know who I'm gonna be.


Let me have a fun. so it's my turn to take a lead.

I was tempted I made my self run to the end.


So finally I found you but I don't think

I'm strong enough to hold your hand.


All I could do was saving myself.

Another night's about to be gone.

Not again this time.


I say I'm gonna hold you,

You say you're gonna hold me,


we' d stray into the traffic.

It's about to be gone yeah


Should've been stronger to reach you,

Could've been wiser to hold you,


I dare to play a silly game.

I'll fall for it one last time. Tonight


Rumor has it that we're not gonna see each other again.


It's never been easy to say "true goodbye.

" That's just the way it is.


I want you to know (that) I can't bring us back

so please don't blame it on me again.


Oh We've got to know.

We should be able to hear the bell somewhere in the city.


And It's gone. You only let my dream be on board,

You did it again.


Then I'll look at the sky.


Gaining something you can lose.

Losing something you can't lose.


I'm still stuck in my own world.

I'm still running to you.


Finding a way to see you

Thinking a way to forget you


I'm still madly in love with you

I can't stop this heart beat.


I said I was gonna hold you,

You said you were gonna hold me,


We strayed into the traffic.

We were not just good enough.


I'm sure I got it by now.

(But) I'm so unsure what it was.


I gotta reach there in time.

For me to make our stars shine.


tonight Tonight

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